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Tosh Acoyya responded to your comment in the Kiacta in Sarcoidosis forum

Oh my; can I ever relate to your comment! It seems that no matter what level and/or location of severe distress I describe to a Physician, their response is to take my vitals, my temperature, my blah blah blah--ad nauseum. I am sooooo tired of hearing, "Well, your vitals look fine. Let me take a listen. Just breathe normally...uh-huh...well, I don’t hear anything abnormal blah blah blah..." How do we get across to our Doctors what WE mean, when we say that it is abnormally uncomfortable to...breathe, or stand in one place for hours, or keep our thoughts from playing hide and seek with us, or focus on any one thing for extensive periods of time, or, dot dot dot. What do we do to fix this??

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