Decentralized Clinical Trials Are Here. We Have the Tools and Experience to Make Them Work.

Transparency Virtual Trials aims to reduce or eliminate site visits, improving patient recruitment and retention, providing more informative and reliable patient data.

Direct-to-patient Transparency Virtual Trials services are delivered in the patient’s home through a proprietary platform that integrates clinical researcher-supervised video visits and regulatory-compliant tests and evaluations conducted using “Trial-in-a-Box” digital technologies. The platform:

  • Allows investigators to conduct remote visits with patients in their homes

  • Efficiently collects and uploads complex streams of data directly from patients via mobile and wearable devices to an integrated database

  • Allows sponsors to centrally manage and monitor clinical studies while maintaining the highest levels of patient safety, GCP, and regulatory compliance

  • Works with decentralized or hybrid clinical trials

How Does It Work?

Qualified crowdsourcing participants respond to focused surveys usually based on preliminary clinical trial design. The information brings in key considerations that inform and enhance the protocol building process. The platform is designed for the global community of patients and healthcare professionals. The platform provides both quantitative and qualitative items that give the team the ability to assess the initial design and provide new ideas that can be used to enhance the final protocol. 

Our analytics team analyzes the data and works with the sponsor’s clinical trial team. Our platform allows seamless input from multiple resources such as KOLs, patients, their caregivers, researcher communities, and other stakeholders which results in an optimized protocol, leading to improved data quality and shorter timelines compared to traditional protocols.