Design patient-centric protocols with ease

Our TPC™ platform brings together the stakeholders who hold key insights into how to optimize your trial design.

Our proprietary platform brings together patients, their caregivers, physicians, and researchers to develop clinical trial protocol more relevant to patient needs and clinical practice.

The 21st Century Cures Act and FDA guidelines emphasize comprehensive and representative input into clinical trial design. Transparency Protocol Crowdsourcing platform helps trial sponsors meet that mandate while also enabling discovery of key considerations that can inform and enhance the protocol writing process to encourage greater engagement with the trial and better meet trial endpoints. Benefits of TPC include:

  • Clarify and confirm the viability of a protocol, which can prevent costly protocol amendments.
  • Assess ways to incorporate novel endpoints and real-world evidence into development programs.
  • Obtaining input and feedback from patient advocacy organizations.

How Does It Work?

Qualified crowdsourcing participants respond to key issues of clinical trial design. This information brings in key considerations that can inform and enhance the protocol writing process. The platform is designed for the global community of patients and healthcare professionals. The platform provides both quantitative and qualitative items that give the team the ability to assess the initial design and provide new ideas that can be used to enhance the final protocol. These capabilities help speed up the process and satisfy key guidelines.

Our analytics team analyzes the data and works with the sponsor’s clinical trial team to finalize the protocol. Our platform allows the seamless input from internal resources such as KOLs, and external resources from the patient and researcher communities, which results in an optimized protocol.