VISITOR Clinical Study Demonstrates Feasibility and Utility of Transparency Life Sciences’ New Virtual Trials Platform

Share your insight, expertise and creativity to help design more effective clinical trials and bring new medicines to market.

Whether you are a researcher, physician, or creative thinker with training in or outside of biomedicine, we’re looking for your thoughts on how best to construct new clinical trial protocols and execute studies using mobile health technology. As an active participant, you’ll help us disrupt the current clinical trial process by making it more patient-centric, more informative, and ultimately less expensive. Our goal is to achieve a double-digit reduction in overall clinical trial costs, which allows more investigational drugs to be studied in the clinic and approved in the market.

Our Transparency Protocol Crowdsourcing is a web-based platform that solicits participants’ views on issues relevant to the protocol design of the clinical study under consideration. The process begins by going to our listing of active TLS clinical projects. To contribute, click the “Start Protocol Builder Now” button.


What types of questions do we ask?

  • What should the key objectives of the study be?
  • How many patients are needed to obtain valid results?
  • What types of patients should be eligible to participate?
  • What parameters should we consider for the inclusion/exclusion criteria?
  • How should the study plan be carried out?
  • What dependent variables should be compared?
  • What are the best clinical endpoints? Which should be primary? Secondary?
  • Are there any new regulatory considerations that should be assessed?
  • Are there special factors we need to consider?


In exchange for your participation you will receive:

  • A chance to receive individual or group recognition in peer-reviewed publications that result from the study.
  • The opportunity to interact with like-minded researchers from around the globe.
  • The chance to share your research and, likewise, learn about your colleague’s research.
  • A critical role in delivering more approved medicines to those patients that currently have limited hope for the development of new therapies in their orphan or rare disease.


Benefits to the Biomedical Research Community

  • We are joining together with patients, researchers, and the larger drug development community to drive a new clinical trials ecosystem with potential far-reaching benefits.
  • We support the further development of secure, virtual clinical trials in biomedical research which drive improved quality, reduced error rates, and automatic audit trails.
  • We believe that the cumulative drug development knowledgebase exceeds that of any single biopharmaceutical sponsor’s knowledge.
  • We believe these new approaches will be shared broadly for the benefit of the entire biomedical sector while at the same time maintaining confidentiality.
  • We all play a significant role in the transformation of clinical trials from an outmoded, inefficient legacy model to a modern, cost-effective alternative based on crowdsourcing, digital innovation and transparency.


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