Execute Hybrid & Virtual Trials

Our virtual trial hub integrates telemedicine, mobile health, and cloud technology to conduct patient-centric studies through an integrated portal, resulting in reduced time to market.

Our Trial Orchestration Hub integrates and unifies the key software and devices to execute a trial.

Our Trial execution orchestration hub supports the critical trial activities by way of integration such as Telemedicine, Patients Database, Patient Portal, Wearable Device Monitoring, Logistics & Tracking, EDC Integration, Researcher Portal, and Protocol Schedule & Notifications.
Orchestration hub

Your Virtual Trial, Centralized

Manage study participants, protocol schedules, telemedicine visits, reminders, IMP logistics, wearable device results, and more from one central command center.

Unified Visibility
Monitor critical study information across systems, collaborators, and participants all in one place so that you do not have to chase down information.
Participant Management
Onboard and manage participants, schedule protocol-controlled events, and monitor progress.
Distributed Team Collaboration
Robust permissions and access controls provide the power to ensure study contributors only interact with appropriate functions & information.
Integrate solutions into our clinical study hub and access all of the information you seek in one centralized place.
Tailor your study protocol so that you can access any module you require from one centralized clinical trial management hub.
integration & configuration

Tailored to Your Protocol

Study protocols can vary substantially in requisite activities, software, and devices to execute a trial. Our trial orchestration platform is designed to support a wide range of protocol configurations.

Integration Friendly
Plug in your preferred EDC, Wearables devices, ePROs, and more.
Full Trial Solution Offering
Deploy with our preferred technology partner integrations, or integrate specific vendors you require.
À-la-Carte Offerings
The orchestration hub can be configured to support a specific subset of trial activities if you do not need a full solution.

Commitment to Quality

Our HIPAA-compliant Trial Orchestration Hub is validated in partnership with Sierra Labs. Our GxP standard policies & procedures are managed in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Quality Management System (QMS).

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