Open a Dialogue with Patients & Researchers

Our engagement technology enables easy-to-create projects with a seamless way to distribute interactive content to your audiences wherever they are.

Tap into patient & researcher communities for insights, real world data collection, and study recruitment.

Diagram illustrates how patients, healthcare providers, and researchers can contribute their experiences which can yield insights on protocol design, study recruitment, and drug marketing.
Project creation

Create Dynamic Content in a Snap

Our Patient & Researcher voice technology collects insights from specific audiences with first-hand insights.

Familiar Project Creation
Create interactive content in a web based builder that functions like a word processor. Copy-paste questions from a document into the editor for creation in a snap.
Full Content Controls
Designate which audience roles should receive specific questions, and employ branching logic if the audience should only see certain questions based on their previous responses.
Collaborate with Colleagues
Create draft projects and invite colleagues to review and preview before going live.
Create Dynamic Content in a Snap with our word processor experience to create patient engagement interactive content.
Interactive Patient & Researcher Engagement content functions great on both Mobile & Desktop web browsers.
Interactive Content Distribution & Accessibility

Reach Communities with Ease

Distributing your interactive content is as easy as sharing a link, and audiences can interact from their desktop or mobile browser. This low friction approach ensures everyone who is interested in participating can do so, easily.

Universal Distribution
Share the link by Email, SMS, or Social Media channels however best suits your patient or researcher audience.
Browser Friendly
Interactive content experiences are supported on desktop and mobile browsers, so your audience does not need to install any special software.

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