A World of Clinical Trial Data at Your Fingertips

Our NLP-enabled database of investigators, inclusion & exclusion criteria, and trial outcome data will help you find your needle in a haystack.

An expansive clinical database supercharged by AI so you can find the data you need.

trial knowledge base

Inform Your Trial Design

Explore our proprietary trial database to identify inclusion & exclusion criteria and trial outcomes that are pertinent to the type of trial you are seeking to design.

Expansive Dataset
Explore over 300,000 clinical trials and filter down to the most specifically relevant trials.
Find the Needle in the Haystack with AI
Our proprietary NLP Data Filtering combined with a medical and pharmaceutical terminology library enables unparalleled control in finding key information.
Investigator discovery

Find Clinical Experts

Tap into our investigator database to expedite your investigator engagement and recruitment processes by discovering the investigators with the most relevant experience to the trial you are seeking to execute.

Full Contact Details
Gather key information including name, role, email, and phone.
Portable Data
Export contact details and easily import into email or CRM software.

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