VISITOR Clinical Study Demonstrates Feasibility and Utility of Transparency Life Sciences’ New Virtual Trials Platform

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Transparency Life Sciences, the first all-digital drug development services company, harnesses crowdsourcing and mobile health technology to advance biopharma candidates through clinical trials with unprecedented patient relevance and efficiency.


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The TLS model was developed to help transform the legacy clinical trial process that is far too expensive and burdensome for both patients and industry sponsors. The current approach based upon fixed sites hinders patient enrollment and study population diversity while delivering data that often has limited relevance to patients and physicians in real-world settings. The unsustainably high cost of conducting clinical trials constrains even the largest biopharmaceutical R&D budgets, resulting in in fewer promising therapies tested, continuous unmet patient needs, and high drug prices.

Rapid advances in digital technology, strong regulatory support and the ever-increasing voice of the patient create a historic opportunity for TLS to catalyze a fundamental transformation in this outmoded and wasteful system, significantly improving clinical trial quality while reducing overall cost. Biopharmaceutical drug developers want clinical trials to be better-designed, technologically advanced, patient-centric, and significantly less expensive. TLS was founded to do just that, and together we can make it happen.

TLS Response

The TLS solution is an end-to-end digital rethink that is highly scalable and built on these pillars:

Transparency Protocol Crowdsourcing enables patients, physicians, researchers and other stakeholders to co-design clinical trials through crowdsourcing, producing clinical trial protocols that are more relevant to patient needs and clinical practice. The ability to initiate the clinical trial with an optimized protocol dramatically improves speed and lessens the cost of the clinical trial by reducing protocol revisions and expensive work-scope changes.

Transparency Virtual Trials hub integrates telemedicine, mobile health and cloud technology to run trials that are simpler for everyone and result in faster, more cost-effective delivery. Our approach reduces or eliminates the need for patients to visit distant clinical sites and greatly enhances patients’ lifestyle and their ability to participate regardless of location or mobility status. Our flexible architecture adapts to encompass a broad range of protocol designs, ranging from trials involving a single virtual site to those with multiple hospital and/or clinical-site requirements.

Transparency Personalized Digityping uses mobile health technology to identify and stratify the right patients for a clinical trial,

Transparency throughout the development process builds credibility with diverse stakeholders.

TLS’s comprehensive, patented approach seamlessly integrates these components to create a unique, 21st Century approach to clinical trial conduct and drug development.

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