Giving Patients a
Voice in Clinical

Virtual Trials for a
Post-COVID World

Transparency Protocol

Crowdsource diverse patient voices to enable a holistic perspective on study protocol design and drugs in market.

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Better manage traditional, hybrid, and virtual trials for optimal success

Transparency Life Sciences develops AI technologies to foster closer partnerships between patients, physicians, and clinical trial sponsors.


Patients, their caregivers, and health care professionals all contribute to the design of trials using our online crowdsourcing tool. Sponsors are empowered to make their protocols patient-centric and less burdensome to investigators and their staff, leading to more rapid investigator and patient recruitment, fewer patients failing to complete a study, and enhanced data quality.


Our virtual trial hub integrates telemedicine, mobile health, and cloud technology to conduct patient-centric virtual trials through an integrated portal, resulting in simpler, faster, more cost-effective delivery.

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Transparency Life Sciences pioneered open sourcing design of clinical trial protocols and was one of the first to execute ‘virtual’ studies; implementation of their model will enable true patient-centric clinical research.

-Jeffrey Kasher, President, Patients Can’t Wait, LLC; former VP and COO, Global Clinical Development Organization, Eli Lilly and Company

Transparency Life Sciences’ crowdsourcing expertise obtained fresh insights for our protocol assessing metformin in prostate cancer. Their commitment to all-digital clinical trials will benefit patients and investigators, and help achieve more efficient and more informative clinical trials.

-Dr. Matthew Galsky, Professor of Hematology-Oncology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

We applaud Transparency Life Sciences for being a valued partner of our Foundation, and for creating a model in which patients are more than subjects, but thoughtful collaborators in clinical trial design and execution.

-Ginger Spitzer, Executive Director, Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research