Clinical Research Technology for a Post-Covid World

Transparency Life Sciences is investing in new ways to engage patients, understand their needs, and execute hybrid & virtual studies.

Technology to power critical Clinical Research activities centered around the patient experience.

Venn Diagram that highlights key specializations: Engage by opening dialogues with patients & researchers for patient engagement and patient recruitment.

Analyze using Natural Language Processing to learn deep human insights.

Execute hybrid and virtual clinical trials with our study orchestration hub.

You will benefit with Patient-centric research and shortened time to market, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Diagram illustrates how patients, healthcare providers, and researchers can contribute their experiences which can yield insights on protocol design, study recruitment, and drug marketing.
Engage Patients & Researchers

Open a Dialogue

Maximize engagement outcomes with patient & researcher communities by yielding key insights and recruitment qualification.

Create Dynamic Content in a Snap
Author interactive content as easily as using a text editor. Create content that responds to your audience's input.
Reach Audiences Where They Are
Interact with patients and researchers by desktop or mobile browser; no installation needed.
Team-Wide Project Management
Collaborate with your team to create new engagement projects and monitor progress and results.
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Our Analytics System can intake Engagement Project Data or External Data Sources and supports Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, Data Exploration, Sentiment Analysis, Extraction & Classification, and Correlation Discovery.
analyze your data

Gain Deep Insights

Employ cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques to gain key insights from patient & researcher communities. Inform your protocol design & recruitment strategy, and identify study risks proactively.

Human Insights
Illuminate a deep understanding of the patient voice with Natural Language Processing tools to highlight common phrases, treatments, or conditions mentioned by patients.
Data Visualization
Findings can be explored with drag & drop interfaces and correlative relationships between questions are highlighted.
Easy Import & Export
Plug in external data sources, run analyses, and export results in various formats at project completion.
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execute studies

Orchestrate Hybrid & Virtual Trials

Our virtual trial hub integrates telemedicine, mobile health, and cloud technology to conduct patient-centric virtual trials through an integrated portal. The result is simpler, faster, and more cost-effective delivery.

Your Virtual Trial, Centralized
Manage participants, protocol schedules, telemedicine visits, wearables, and more from one central command center.
Full Solution or À-la-Carte
Implement as a full end-to-end solution with our technology partner integrations or choose specific vendors you require.
Prepared for a Post-COVID World
Telemedicine support and cloud architecture make it easy for distributed teams and sites to participate on one platform.
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Our Trial execution orchestration hub supports the critical trial activities by way of integration such as Telemedicine, Patients Database, Patient Portal, Wearable Device Monitoring, Logistics & Tracking, EDC Integration, Researcher Portal, and Protocol Schedule & Notifications.
DISCOVER Clinical Trial Data

Find Key Trial Data & Clinical Experts

Our NLP-enabled database of investigators, inclusion & exclusion criteria, and trial outcome data will help you find your needle in a haystack.

Expansive Dataset
Explore over 300,000 clinical trials and filter down to the most specifically relevant trials.
AI-Powered Search
Our proprietary NLP Data Filtering combined with a medical and pharmaceutical terminology library enables unparalleled control in finding key information.
Portable Data
Export contact details, inclusion & exclusion criteria, and trial outcomes into portable formats.
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Commitment to Quality

Our HIPAA-compliant Trial Orchestration Hub is validated in partnership with Sierra Labs. Our GxP standard policies & procedures are managed in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Quality Management System (QMS).


Jeffrey Kasher

Transparency Life Sciences pioneered open sourcing design of clinical trial protocols and was one of the first to execute ‘virtual’ studies; implementation of their model will enable true patient-centric clinical research.

-Jeffrey Kasher, President, Patients Can’t Wait, LLC; former VP and COO, Global Clinical Development Organization, Eli Lilly and Company

Ginger Spitzer

We applaud Transparency Life Sciences for being a valued partner of our Foundation, and for creating a model in which patients are more than subjects, but thoughtful collaborators in clinical trial design and execution.

-Ginger Spitzer, Executive Director, Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

Matthew Galsky

Transparency Life Sciences’ crowdsourcing expertise obtained fresh insights for our protocol assessing metformin in prostate cancer. Their commitment to all-digital clinical trials will benefit patients and investigators, and help achieve more efficient and more informative clinical trials.

-Dr. Matthew Galsky, Professor of Hematology-Oncology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine