FasterCures’ Top 10 Medical Research Issues & Trends to Watch in 2014

I recommend FasterCures’ Top 10 Medical Research Issues & Trends to Watch in 2014, which includes a number of trends that are central to the mission and strategy of Transparency Life Sciences. They include:

  • Open-sourcing life science makes the case for how open source principles hold the promise of accelerating the R&D process.  Open innovation and transparency are core founding principles of TLS.
  • Enrolling the quantified self in research discusses the exponential growth in the number of medical devices, apps, tracking sites, and people using them. Harnessing mobile technology to transform clinical trials is a fundamental strategy at TLS. (See link in this section to a blog post by TLS advisor Bernard Munos.)
  • Democratizing science explores opening scientific inquiry to citizen scientists, as well as crowdsourcing solutions to scientific problems. TLS is developing the protocols for its clinical trials by crowdsourcing input from researchers, medical professionals, patients and any and all interested laypeople.
  • Putting the patients in "patient-centeredness" notes there are rarely patients or patient representatives at the table for the healthcare discussions that matter. TLS puts patients at the center by seeking and valuing their input in the design and conduct of all its clinical trials.

I like the other trends discussed as well – let us know what you think!


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Friday, January 10, 2014


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