Patients and families

Help get more effective drugs to patients who need them.

TLS is a patient-centered company that develops new medications to help people with chronic diseases. We involve patients in the clinical trial design process so that studies are tailored to address patients' concerns and the issues you live with every day.

Patient participation in TLS helps researchers set the goals of a clinical study that can provide patients with less expensive medications. When TLS researchers receive patient responses to Protocol Builder challenges, they have a clearer view of what the patient would like from his or her medication.

Patients who meet the inclusion criteria will have the opportunity to take part in the trials themselves. The goal is to get more effective drugs to market faster, and at a lower end cost, to patients who need them.

Communication works both ways. At any time, you can track the progress of a clinical trial and see aggregated data. You can also opt in to receive information by email about projects that pertain to you. We are committed to transparency and collaboration.

Please help us bring patient input inside the clinical design process by registering on and completing our Protocol Builders. We encourage you to also provide further input in our medication-specific forums. The more patient participation we garner, the louder the patient voice will be at TLS.

Related Patient Organizations

Below is a listing of patient organizations for the conditions TLS is currently studying.

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Please follow the link below for our document regarding our adherence to HIPAA.

HIPAA Privacy Policy

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